Dubai, the futuristic metropolis rising from the desert sands, has set its sights on a bold ambition: becoming a global leader in clean energy. At the heart of this vision lies solar power, and as we peek into 2024, the plans of solar companies in Dubai are as ambitious as the Burj Khalifa itself. Let’s explore the strategies these key players are deploying to illuminate the emirate’s future with sunshine.

DEWA Drives the Engine:

Leading the charge is the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA). Their Shams Dubai initiative, already a game-changer for rooftop solar adoption, is undergoing an exciting upgrade. Expect streamlined processes, expanded subsidies, and innovative financing options. DEWA is also focusing on large-scale solar farms, aiming to add substantial capacity to the grid with projects like the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park.

Yellow Door Energy Paints the Homes Green:

In the residential sector, Yellow Door Energy is painting the town solar. Their customer-centric approach is expanding, offering bespoke solutions and energy audits to homeowners. Expect to see them roll out financing partnerships and explore battery storage integrations, making solar even more attractive.

Siraj Power Shines Beyond Borders:

While Siraj Power continues to dominate utility-scale projects, watch out for their international expansion. Building on their success in the Middle East and Africa, they’re eyeing new markets ripe for solar potential. Partnerships with local developers and technology providers will be key to their global climb.

Zaish Energy Lights Up Communities:

Zaish Energy, the rising star, is bringing the sun’s embrace to communities. Look for them in rural areas, powering schools, clinics, and businesses with innovative off-grid solutions. Their commitment to education and local training programs is fostering a generation of solar champions.

Enviromena Powers Innovation:

Enviromena isn’t just selling solar – they’re developing the future of energy. Expect cutting-edge solutions like AI-powered energy management systems and hybrid renewable configurations. Their research division is buzzing with activity, exploring next-generation solar technologies and storage options.

Beyond 2024: A Glimmering Horizon:

These are just glimpses into the vibrant tapestry of Dubai’s solar future. As 2024 unfolds, expect collaborations, mergers, and technological breakthroughs to accelerate the solar surge. The sky’s the limit for these companies, driven by a shared vision of a sustainable, sun-powered Dubai.

Key Trends to Watch:


Dubai’s solar companies are gearing up for an electrifying 2024. With ambitious plans, innovative solutions, and a shared commitment to sustainability, they’re not just chasing the sun, they’re harnessing its power to illuminate a brighter future for the emirate and beyond. So, keep your eyes on the Dubai skyline, because in 2024, it won’t just be the skyscrapers that are reaching for the sky, it will be the collective vision of a solar-powered city, shining ever so brightly.

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